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Harry Potter, Brian Wilson and The Blue Man Group visited town School today.


Halloween is always a fun day at Town School.  The costumes are always fun and creative.  This year saw lots of Ninjas, Harry Potters, goblins, Angry Birds and even a bunch of hot dogs.  Halloween is for sure a day to love for so many reasons!  


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As if you needed another reason to love the Town School Library.


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If you do not already know Julie Alonso, you should run – not walk- to the library to meet her.  She has been one of the amazing librarians at Town School for the last six years and her energy and enthusiasm for her job and the boys are contagious.  It is no wonder that so many of the boys choose the library as their favorite place in the school.  When we asked her to share what she loves most about the library here is what she wrote.  Thank you Julie for all that you do for the boys, the school and our community!

“Working in the Town School Library makes me super happy.  From the moment the library officially opens at 7:30 (let me give a shout out to my regulars before school!) until we close the doors at 4pm (another shout out to my after school posse!), the place is bustling.  We encourage the bustling, for sure, and try our hardest never to shush.

I love it when kids pull out board games or plop down in bean bags with a comic book or the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  It’s fantastic to see boys dragging their parents into the library, eager to check out more and more books.  I love to get to know younger brothers and sisters and watch them, too, become excited about reading.  It’s great being in a position where I can interact with every member of our community, from students of all ages to faculty and staff to families and friends and beyond.  

Matching a reader with the perfect book is a huge thrill.  Don’t you remember the books you read over and over again as a child?  I’ve even gotten thank you letters from some kids for introducing them to certain books, which of course is hugely gratifying.   But even more important to me than making sure every child at Town has the right book in his hands is making sure they feel known and seen and appreciated.  The highlights of my days usually involve conversing with students around my desk during recess or playing a game with a tableful of kids visiting the library after school from the Extended Day program.

I’m grateful to Town for providing such a warm, friendly space for Ms. Stuart and me to operate in and for allowing us to create an environment where students can both work and play, where teachers can find the resources they need to enhance their curriculum, where parents can read to their lower schoolers while waiting for their older sons to be out of school, where community events can take place, and where friends can gather.  I’m grateful to be able to provide a wide range of resources to our community every year and to be able to fulfill book requests from eager readers.  I’m lucky to work in a school where the library is valued.  I’m so lucky to work with such an amazing team of educators.  I’m so, so lucky to get to hang out with Town School students all day, cracking wise and having fun.  Thank you, Town! I love you!”

Please show how much you love Town School by making your gift soon.


Thank you so much to everyone who has already shown their love for Town School by sending in their gifts.  Your swiftness and generosity are greatly appreciated!  It has only been a month since we have begun the annual giving campaign and we are already off to a great start!

If you have not yet considered your gift, please do spend some time on our blog to remind yourselves what is so wonderful about the school.

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There are many new posts that illustrate what is so special about the school for not only the boys and their families but for faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

Thank you to the following people for sharing their stories on

•  Parker Brown, class of 2004 for your wonderful love letter to Town School.

•  Dominic S. and Wilks T. for finding an upbeat way to show your love for Town School.

•  Zachary H. and Julian G., Class of 2010, for sharing such a sweet story reminding us how so many strong friendship begin at Town School.

To read their stories in their entirety please scroll below or click on the links above.

Rocks in my head.


Every year at graduation, it is a tradition that each boy share a special memory about their time at Town School.  It is a special part of the ceremony and allows each boy a chance to participate.  It is wonderful to sit in the audience and listen to the memories.  It is a strong reminder how indeed time does fly too fast.

Zachary H., a graduate of the class of 2011, currently attends Lick Wilmerding High School.  At graduation last year, he shared with the group a story about meeting his good friend Julian G. for the first time.  It is a wonderful example of how many life long friendships start at Town School.

“The first day of school, I met this kid Julian. He was sitting in the hallway smiling. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to talk to him so I sat down next to him. He then turned to me and said,”HI!” I said hi back and then there was an awkward silence between the two of us. Julian was still smiling. He then asked if I wanted to feel his head. I guess this was his way of breaking the ice. He went on to tell me a story I have never forgotten. “When I was born, my dad had a surgeon put rocks in my head. He did this so I could play football. That is why my head is hard.” Julian then preceded to take my head and hit it with his. Out of nowhere he did this and it really hurt. I then asked, “Where does your brain go?” “They put my brain in my stomach so I could still think and eat. That way the food goes straight to my head.”

From Town to Brown, an alumnus shares his love letter to Town School.


Parker Brown - Class of 2004

Parker Brown is an accomplished Town School graduate with a great perspective on what Town means to him.  He is the oldest of three Town alums in his family, he attended University High School and is captain of the Brown University Lacrosse team.  He will be graduating from Brown in May and despite his busy schedule, he didn’t hesitate when we asked him to reflect on his time at Town.  Here is what he had to say.

“While I can vividly remember my first and last day at Town School, it is difficult to pick out one moment that truly embodies my experience as a Town Tiger.  How can I pick only one, when there are so many that have shaped me into the young man I am today?

First and foremost, I love Town because the friendships that I built in kindergarten have remained some of my closest to this day, largely due to the unique bond that Town classmates develop growing up together.  I could speak for hours on length about the exceptional teachers and resources and athletic opportunities at Town, but for me, the most important lesson I carry with me from my time at Town is that a young boy’s education reveals itself after graduation, when he begins to build relationships and decides what kind of impact he will have on his community.

Of course, I will never forget our 7th grade lacrosse championship, tucking in my shirt each morning before shaking Mr. Ely’s hand, or my leading role in our 5th grade play (which was my last theatrical performance, ever).  I love Town because I would not be where I am today without these memories, which have taught me the value of teamwork, respect, and persistence.   I am so fortunate to have gone to Town for nine years of my childhood, and I am just beginning to truly appreciate the sacrifices that my family and others made for me in order to receive such an invaluable educational experience.

I hope to give back to Town in any way I can in the future, in return for all that it has done for me. I hope you do the same.”

Parker Brown, Class of 2004