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Do Town boys really love broccoli??


Ping M., a mother of a kindergartener and a 2nd grader,  admits that her sons are on opposite ends of the food spectrum.  As much as one is a picky eater, the other is a foodie.   She is in awe of Chef Ric because of the ease in which he can get the boys to try new foods and inspire them to love what they eat even more.  Recently, her five year old came home and asked her an important question about broccoli.  When she shared the story with us, we knew that whether children were picky eaters or  foodies, all parents could relate. Just another reason to love Town School!

“Recently, after school one day, my five year old came home and suggested I connect with Chef Ric on how to best prepare broccoli.  He said to me:  “Mommy, maybe you can ask Chef Ric what ingredients he uses for the broccoli because it tastes better than yours”.  Yes, my 5 year old came home and used the words ‘ingredients’.  Of course, I made the broccoli as specified by Chef Ric (no secret ingredients, just water and broccoli and a sprinkle of salt, but I did learn how to cook them properly), but he still says – “Well, it’s not as good as Chef Ric’s.  But then he is a Chef”.

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