The Town School Community Loves the Town School Clothes Closet


Since Rachel Hollister is an Annual Giving co-chair AND Town School Clothes Closet co -chair, we thought it a perfect fit for her write a post about how wonderful the Clothes Closet is for our community.  And, what better way than to showcase the fun that was had at their holiday party.  Here is what Rachel had to say:

“This year I have had the wonderful opportunity to co-chair the Town School Clothes Closet with Margaret Mann. We recently hosted a Holiday Party at the store, which was quite an experience as well as a success. The party went from 1pm -8pm, so, not only did we get to throw a fun party but we were also able to see the “ins and outs” of the store.

Elena, the amazing woman responsible for keeping the store running successfully, had the place decorated beautifully and ready for a celebration. The store had a consistent flow of people coming in and out and either shopping or dropping off items to eventually be sold. Meanwhile, more ski items and holiday products were being put on the shelves. There was a happy bustle of activity throughout the day.

The evening was filled with fun food and drink as well as many shoppers.  It was a lovely way to give thanks to all the people responsible for the store and to all of those who shop at the store. Town School is lucky to have the store as part of its community. If you get a chance, please stop by and see what the store has to offer!”


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