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I want the world to love Town School.


Gannen H. (grade 4) embarked on a journey last summer to Vietnam and Cambodia. While delivering aid into orphanages in these countries, he reflects on the values he learned at Town school. He loves Town School and wants the world to see why!


Town School made a great Valentine!


If you missed it, the Annual Giving chairs along with Kathy Nyrop, greeted the community with a special treat on Valentine’s Day to thank them for their participation and support.  It was the perfect morning to hand out candy and wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.  We hope it was a good one!

And,once again, thank you to all of those who have already participated in Annual Giving.  It has been a thrill to see the participation numbers rise .  And, we are so happy to see so many people supporting Town School.  This week, especially, we have seen a lot of love for the school.

Please remember to support Annual Giving and we are looking forward to watching parent participation continue to climb!

Looking for a Valentine? How about Town School?


Congratulations Parents! It only took 50% of the year to get 74% of the way there.  How close to 100% parent participation can we get to by Valentine’s Day?

As you know, we are aiming for 100% parent participation in the Annual Giving campaign.  100% of the Faculty and Staff and Trustees have already participated.  So,  if you haven’t already sent along your gift, please do consider sending it along before Valentine’s Day.

What better way to show how much you love Town School?

Click here to make your donation.

Thank you!

The animals at the SF Zoo love Town School too.


The Town School community is top notch when it comes to connecting for the purpose of helping others.  The groups that sign up are always enthusiastic, excited and ready to roll up their sleeves and help.  The rewards are plentiful and sometimes even surprising.  Read below to see how the HOT (Helping Our Town) group prepared presents for the animals at the SF Zoo and what the Zoo did to thank them. Thank you Rachel Hollister for sharing your experience.

“My boys and I recently attended a HOT (Helping Our Town) event and had an amazing time. HOT is new to Town School and has been created for our Town community to have an opportunity to help people, animals and organizations in the San Francisco area. It is another way for us to reach out and help others.

On Sunday, November 20th, a large group of us met at the San Francisco Zoo. We had arrived to plant a vegetable garden that would provide extra food for the animals. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain but there was a wonderful back up plan.  Instead, we met in the old Mother’s Building (originally built for mothers and their children). In the building, the Zoo members had different stations set up for our children and us.

We soon found ourselves either making “edible” paste, taking tape off of large packaging boxes, or wrapping the large boxes with holiday wrapping paper and using the “edible” paste to adhere the paper to the boxes. These were being created for the animals as a Holiday Treat. The Zoo members will fill the boxes with various treats and the animal’s job will be to unwrap and find the treats inside. We were told that the animals love this and it is another way of entertainment for them.

All of the boys, siblings, moms, dads and even grandparents were excited to help out. There was a wonderful amount of enthusiasm in the room and I have to say it was a great way to start off the Holiday Season! Plus, the Zoo surprised us with complimentary ice-skating and carousel rides to thank the Town School group. Definitely a very fun and productive morning!

A huge “Thank you” to Lisa Zanze and Lindsay Bolton for organizing this event! We will definitely look forward to the next one!”

Mark your calendars, the next HOT event is Sunday, January 29th at the San Francisco Food Bank from 12:20 – 2:30.  Hope to see you there!

The Town School Community Loves the Town School Clothes Closet


Since Rachel Hollister is an Annual Giving co-chair AND Town School Clothes Closet co -chair, we thought it a perfect fit for her write a post about how wonderful the Clothes Closet is for our community.  And, what better way than to showcase the fun that was had at their holiday party.  Here is what Rachel had to say:

“This year I have had the wonderful opportunity to co-chair the Town School Clothes Closet with Margaret Mann. We recently hosted a Holiday Party at the store, which was quite an experience as well as a success. The party went from 1pm -8pm, so, not only did we get to throw a fun party but we were also able to see the “ins and outs” of the store.

Elena, the amazing woman responsible for keeping the store running successfully, had the place decorated beautifully and ready for a celebration. The store had a consistent flow of people coming in and out and either shopping or dropping off items to eventually be sold. Meanwhile, more ski items and holiday products were being put on the shelves. There was a happy bustle of activity throughout the day.

The evening was filled with fun food and drink as well as many shoppers.  It was a lovely way to give thanks to all the people responsible for the store and to all of those who shop at the store. Town School is lucky to have the store as part of its community. If you get a chance, please stop by and see what the store has to offer!”

Guess which group is the first to reach 100% participation for Annual Giving?



Congratulations and thank you to all the faculty and staff!

Sixth grade humanities teacher David Kyle organized the effort as chair of faculty and staff annual giving.  To celebrate the successful drive, Mr. Kyle directed and produced a video that captures the spirit of Town’s faculty and staff.  Please click on the link below; we bet you can’t watch without a smile on your face! We hope you enjoy the video as much as we do.

We asked Mr. Kyle to tell us a little bit about Annual Giving at Town, and the process of creating the video.   Take a peek at the video and then check out his answers below.



  •  Why do you volunteer to coordinate teacher giving each year?

I volunteer to coordinate faculty and staff giving to the annual fund every year for a few reasons. Number one, I love this school. Before I was an intern here, I was floundering around as a dot-commer, a personal trainer, a political consultant, and a fundraiser. I have always wanted to teach but never had the guts or the opportunity to get into the profession. I still remember the two wonderful and poignant days when Anne Ayers called me to offer me a spot as an intern, and Brewster offered me a spot as a Head teacher. Town finally allowed me to realize my calling.
Now, I’m happy as a clam in mud in my classroom. I’m part of a community of educators that are passionate about what we do. I’m around 12 year-olds all day who have the same sense of humor I do. The more joy I have in my classroom, the better I do at my job.

•  How do you approach your role in annual giving (and maybe what your secret is to getting 100% participation)?

There are many reasons why an employee might give; it’s just finding which one is the right reason for each individual. Most of us have similar reasons, such as believing in the mission of the school, or being an alum, or just wanting to give. Also, people don’t like to be in the last 5% who have not yet given!

•  What made you think of this video idea, and would you care to share any production details (we heard you did it in only a few takes)?
I usually try and get people involved in my Cross Country videos, and was trying to come up with a similar way to get as many people as possible involved. Then I thought, why not just get the whole faculty involved? I had heard about lip dubs, and then it just became a matter of finding the right song. The shoot was interesting; we did three takes in 45 minutes. In the first take, people were under-confident and didn’t know their lines or where to stand. In the second, they knew their lines and where to stand, but weren’t confident. The final take had all three elements and it was by far the best.

 •  Is there anything else you’d like the Town Community to know?
Yes. If you could please remind your sons that if they bring in birthday cupcakes to class, I’d be okay if they dropped one off for me. Room 20, second floor. Thanks.